Want to learn Python for cheap? These online courses are buy one, get one free. – Mashable

Want to learn Python for cheap? These online courses are buy one, get one free.  Mashable

Get two résumé-worthy skills under your belt for less than $15.

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Classes on Adobe Illustrator, Python, Javascript, and Instagram marketing are all BOGO options.
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Everyone has some sort of special talent. It may involve having flexible toes or being weirdly good at cartoon character impressions, but hey — it’s your thing.

But it would be sweet to have a skill that you can capitalize on, whether it’s for a full-time job, that side hustle coin, or simply ramping up your résumé. And that’s when you turn to Udemy.

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If spring has you wanting to learn something new, PCMag feels you: Through April 16 at the PCMag Shop, select online courses from Udemy are on sale for $14.99 and are buy one, get one free. These courses regularly go for $149.99 to $199.99 each, and this deal basically lets you take ’em for $7.50 each.

Here are a few of our favorite courses, but you can browse all of the BOGO possibilities here.

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Step aside, Duolingo — Python is the language to learn right now. Fluency in Python 3 is basically a requirement in the software development world and can be used for nearly anything related to desktop or web applications. Even if you didn’t know what Python was until 30 seconds ago, you’re not too much of a beginner: Python Bootcamp takes you through basic syntax and background info on Python 2, then dives into everything you need to master Jupyter Notebook, create .py files, debug, and make games. 

In total, the course includes 24 hours of on-demand video, 18 articles, and 19 exercises. Once you’ve finished, a certificate of completion will be yours to flex. Snag it here.

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You can’t get on the Instagram Explore page without wondering how this one blogger got so many followers. Welp, it’s 2019 and there’s literally an online course for that: This 2019 Instagram marketing guide shows you how to convert your account to a business account that paying users actually care about (10,000 of them, according to the listing). All it takes is 5.5 hours on-demand video.

You’re not just becoming IG famous — you’re learning real-world marketing strategies that will look great on a resume. A Facebook Ads mastery course is also up for grabs.

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Photoshop is a bomb skill to have, but there’s another software you’ll want to master to solidify your creative tool belt. Whether your interests lay in video game development, fashion, or motion graphics, Adobe Illustrator should be in your back pocket. Taught by one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world (or so Udemy says), this Illustrator CC Master Class shows the ins and outs of logos, vector illustrations, and infographics through 12.5 hours of video and eight downloadable resources.

Full-time creative jobs are consistently opening, and there’s some real dough in freelance work here. If nothing else, you’ll be able to create a shrug emoji that has your face.