Microsoft Windows Server 2019: editions, new options and features –

Microsoft Windows Server 2019: editions, new options and features

Windows VPS has drastically improved after the latest version to the Microsoft server operating system was announced in 2018. Together with Windows Server …

Windows VPS has drastically improved after the latest version to the Microsoft server operating system was announced in 2018.

Together with Windows Server 2019, Microsoft Corporation has introduced a huge list of greatly improved features and capabilities. Moreover, Windows Server 2019 deepens the connection between Windows Server and Microsoft Azure cloud service, thus enabling maximum investments by creating hybrid scenarios. And that’s not everything – multiple layers of protection, hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), containers, microservices and many more, all in order to reduce business risk, evolve data center infrastructure, modernize traditional apps etc. So, let’s explore the new possibilities and discuss the top features in Windows Server 2019.

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Improvements in security

For the best Windows VPS experience, Microsoft has been continuously including built-in securities in order to address future security violations, however then the big change happened; it is known as a multi-layered security approach. Windows Server 2019 assumes that applications or servers inside the data center are compromised, rather than allowing firewall to make the first deductions.

The server includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which automatically alerts or even blocks malicious attacks that are potential and likely to happen. How does it work? ATP is always investigating the changes in Windows Server and provides real-time monitoring, automated responses to attacks, exploit protection and attack surface reduction. Consequently, ATP is capable to provide not only detection of intrusion, but prevention capabilities as well. Without a doubt, Windows VPS usage will become even more reliable and satisfying.

Bigger efficiency in containers

By minimizing the size of the containers, improved application operations are achieved without the need to expand the capacity of hardware or without any additional expenses to hardware server systems. Windows Server 2019 has a leaner ServerCore image, which helps to cut overload of the virtual machine by 50-80%. If an organization can get the same or even better functionality by a smaller image, it can improve the efficiency in IT investments as well as reduce the cost, it’s a fact.

Windows Admin Center or Project Honululu

WAC or as formerly called project Honululu is a free Microsoft administrative tool that allows easy GUI and GUI-less Windows VPS 2019, 2016 and 2012R2 servers management. The main purpose of this feature is to make it easier for administrators to manage many servers at once. WAC handles such administrative tasks as registry edits, network setting monitoring, firewall administration, certificate management, Hyper-V VM administration, storage handling and many more.

Enterprise-grade hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Microsoft has released a schedule of three years of updates for HCI platform and HCI fundamental components, which are improved with every release of Semi-Annual Channel. Meanwhile, the latest release of Windows Server 2019 has provided organizations with dynamic increase or decrease for workload capacity without downtime. 

Because the HyperV is running on several server systems, it forms the backbone of the environments. Windows VPS or other servers can be added or removed from HyperV HCI cluster. Consequently, the overall capacity can be either added or decreased.

Windows Server 2019 vs 2016: the main differences

What Windows Server 2016 lacks now is Azure hybrid capabilities (system insights, cluster sets, persistent memory and more), security capabilities (shielded VMs for Linux, cluster hardening, VM connect for shielded VMs and more) and container capabilities (Linux containers, server core base container image, Kubernetes platform support and more). 

Windows Server 2019 is based on Windows Server 2016 and the features are on similar lines, however, there are a bunch of improvements that enhance the overall performance in the latest Windows Server 2019. One thing is clear – it is worth to update your Windows VPS to the latest version.

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