Leaked Battlefield V Tutorial Video Confirms Datamine Details – Cultured Vultures

Leaked Battlefield V Tutorial Video Confirms Datamine Details  Cultured Vultures

After yesterday’s datamine, a leaked tutorial video for Battlefield V’s upcoming Firestorm battle royale mode has surfaced online.

Yesterday, a dataminer on Reddit found reference in Battlefield V’s file to a host of new information about the game’s upcoming Firestorm battle royale mode, scheduled to arrive during the next Tides of War chapter. Turns out, pretty much all of the datamined information was correct, as a leaked tutorial video of Firestorm is now doing the rounds on the internet.

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The video itself was pulled from EA content server, and there’s every chance that the video will get pulled from YouTube, but the server link still appears to be live just in case. The video confirms a lot of details found in the datamine, included rarity-tiered items, inventory management, solo, duos and 4 player squad support, vehicles like a helicopter and reinforcements.

There are two interesting tidbits that the video confirms but the datamine didn’t. Firstly, players in a down-but-not-out state will be able to pull out a pistol to defend themselves with, which can only lead to some tense Twitch highlights. Can’t wait to see the final kill coming from someone who has been downed. The other bit of information is that weapon attachments seem to be tied to rarer weapons, as opposed to being scavenged separately, so it pays to find high level loot.

After all these Firestorm leaks, the official Battlefield V Twitter account promised some more news coming soon, so hopefully it won’t be long before we can add another battle royale game to the growing list. Of course, if Firestorm isn’t that good, we can always go back to playing Apex Legends.

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